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Are you planning to demolish an old residence and construct a fresh new set of Multi-units? Do you have a piece of undeveloped property that fits the necessary criteria for development? Because this is our area of expertise, we could be the best option available for you. We will see to it that all of the necessary documentation and criteria are in order. You can be confident that your project will be completed on time and under budget thanks to our highly skilled workers and team of architects. Our highly qualified personnel will guarantee that all relevant town planning criteria are met in accordance with the architectural working drawings and that the project complies with all applicable town planning and building permit restrictions before the project is completed. We will assist you in adding your unique touch to the project with the help of our team who will assist you in selecting all of the interior and exterior colours and finishes by leading you through our showroom.

Deal direct with the builder from your first enquiry to the handover of your new home

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We will take care of you and your project from the beginning to the end, including site preparation, construction, subsurface services, landscaping, and final completion and handover of the project.Since multi-unit complexes are widely sought for as a result of the population boom in specific suburbs, they can also be fairly successful as an investment strategy. A skilled team such as MKJ Homes will provide years of knowledge and expertise to investors who choose to establish a multi-unit development. This will make the process smoother and will assist to maximise the return on your investment.With our long term expertise on building multi-units, we provide affordable costs to ensure that your project is completed on time and under budget, no matter how large or small it is. In addition to assisting with the preparation of the needed documents, our highly qualified personnel will ensure that all applicable town planning requirements are met in accordance with architectural working drawings and building permit restrictions.



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Are there any sample units available for an idea?

Yes, we have worked on various multi-unit development projects and we will be happy to show you our work before you finalise your project with us.

What is the building process?

The MKJ Homes team will collaborate with you from the very beginning of the planning process and will accompany you through every stage of the construction process. Our turn-key service guarantees that you are constantly kept fully informed of the progress of your multi-unit development.

Will I meet the designer / project manager / site manager before I sign, or just the sales team?

From start to finish, you'll collaborate with our directors. They will handle your construction and guide you through it. You can also choose to have a meeting with the architect in early planning process.







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We recognise that your home is not just a project for us, but also a lifetime investment and a dream home for your generation, in which to live and enjoy each and every minute of their lives. We can proudly say that we could be your best home building option as:

  • We hold experience with satisfied customers
    We have worked with many different clients who have been satisfied with our work and expertise. Therefore, we can assure you that just like our past customers, your project will also be dealt with complete sincerity.
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