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MKJ Homes is a construction company and it is situated in Melbourne, Victoria. If you want to build a new house in Melbourne, then you can contact MKJHomes to get their services. It is one of the most renowned companies for making new houses. To build a customised home, MKJHome is one of the best options. After contacting MKJHomes for your house & land, now you don’t need to compromise for Richmond homes due to budget issues. You can get your homes ready on a low budget. Bungalow means that your home is at one level or on one floor. If you are living in a nuclear family, then you can select a single storey house. The townhouse contains two floors. In this, you can separate the master bedroom from other minor rooms and it is useful for joint families.

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Split-level house designs are unsteady which means they are not equal. In this house, one stair is running upward for the master bedroom and the other stair is running down to the basement. DoubleAcreage houses are those which cover a lot of space and these are bigger than cluster home lots, but they do not provide any green space as the whole space is covered by the house itself. It is a two-storey house that contains a complete apartment on each floor and it has separate entrances.Small lot houses are a total collection of 50 feet or less than the breadth..



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How much interior design cost?

MKJHomes commits to providing the most beautiful houses for their customers.

How much time is acquired on planning?

It depends on the customer's requirements.

What type of homes & lands are available with MKJHomes?

We have every type of land design according to your purposes & requirements!








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We recognise that your home is not just a project for us, but also a lifetime investment and a dream home for your generation, in which to live and enjoy each and every minute of their lives. We can proudly say that we could be your best home building option as:

  • We hold experience with satisfied customers
    We have worked with many different clients who have been satisfied with our work and expertise. Therefore, we can assure you that just like our past customers, your project will also be dealt with complete sincerity.
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