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A home is where the heart is and building it to your perfection and satisfaction is our job. We, along with our professional architects, work on the customisations given by you and provide you with the house of your dreams. From interior designing to production of design lines, we do it all. We provide a diverse range of products, services, and personalised solutions to assist our customers and house builders make the best decisions possible at all phases of the construction process. MKJ Homes is a dependable partner in your house construction adventure because we have the greatest network of home building stores in the country. Our extensive reach, along with our vast experience, makes us not only a reliable but a trustworthy partner in your home building journey.

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One of the most appealing aspects of designing a custom house is the ability to personalise it to your preferences. We are willing to work with your ideas and give you our expertise. We at MJ Homes are open to incorporating your suggestions into our designs. As part of our company, we build totally bespoke houses so that you can have the house you desire without any hassles. We also build homes in a variety of settings, each with its own set of requirements and problems, such as restricted lot designs, basements, sloping sites, timber or steel framed homes, and so on.We believe that it is critical that you and our professional staff share open lines of communication in order to guarantee that your vision is accurately translated into the completed project.

As the project continues, we along with our builders stay in touch with you until the project is finished. For us, having a good communication with you will help us remain on the same page as you and then we’ll have no room for errors. You can check out our website to know about our past projects so that you get a better understanding of how we work. Our website also consists of a short survey that you can fill to get in touch with us so that we can discuss further on your requirements. We will be more than glad to assist you in building your home.



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What are the benefits of building a new house as opposed to purchasing an existing property?

There are various advantages to building a new house as opposed to purchasing an existing one. For starters, you will have entire control over the construction process and will be able to design a floor plan just for your family. Not only will your new construction take advantage of contemporary building techniques and trends, but it will also be less likely to require costly renovations in the future.

What are the costs associated with the site?

In the building industry, site expenses are the fees involved with preparing a construction site. They include topics such as earthworks, soil testing, and, most critically, the technical requirements for the home's foundation.

How long will it take for my home to be built?

Preparing your site and building your house takes time depending on factors including soil quality, location, and floor plan size. We are delighted to offer a guaranteed site start, so you can relax.






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We recognise that your home is not just a project for us, but also a lifetime investment and a dream home for your generation, in which to live and enjoy each and every minute of their lives. We can proudly say that we could be your best home building option as:

  • We hold experience with satisfied customers
    We have worked with many different clients who have been satisfied with our work and expertise. Therefore, we can assure you that just like our past customers, your project will also be dealt with complete sincerity.
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